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Medical Inflatable Seals

Autoclave Doors Seals
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Inflatable Sterilizer Door Seals

Inflatable seals in durable fabric reinforced silicone or EPDM rubber profiles are ideal for:

  • sealing vertical lift doors on floor mounted sterilizers
  • sliding doors on table top models
  • large sliding doors on walk-in batch processing gas sterilizers.

Rectangular Type 10X high pressure profiles are frequently chosen for autoclave doors to minimize particle trapping pockets.

Airtight Laboratory Door Seals
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Inflatable Seals for Airtight Doors

Airtight doors in virology laboratories, animal rooms and decontamination areas are tightly sealed with our inflatable seals installed around the periphery of the door to expand radially outward. This design facilitates frequent access since there is no requirement to actuate multiple dogs, and there is no raised sill to obstruct personnel and equipment traffic.

Inflatable Bathtub Seals
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Inflatable Bathtub Seals

Sit-down bathtubs for the elderly or infirmed are made very "user friendly" by offering access and egress through hinged doors, hinged combination door and seat assemblies, or sliding doors. Once the bather is inside the tub, the door is closed and the medical-grade inflatable seal automatically inflates to make a watertight seal as the tub fills.