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Transportation Seals and Gaskets

Inflatable Railcar Seals
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Railcar Door Inflatable Seals

Seals in these demanding environments must resist smoke generation, flame propagation, and toxic fume build up to ensure passenger safety. Inflatable seals made with S60223 low smoke silicone are used in conjunction with sliding doors on modern passenger railroad cars. Compression seals for windows and hatches have also been designed  and manufactured using this new material.

Inflatable Automobile Test Shed Seals
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Automobile Test Shed Inflatable Door Seals

Airtight enclosures help automotive engineers evaluate carburetor and fuel tank vent evaporative emissions. Warmed up test vehicles are pushed into hot soak enclosures. Escaping fuel vapors are measured by instruments outside the test cells. The doors to the cells slide either vertically or horizontally and are sealed gas tight by axially expanding Type 1 EPDM or neoprene inflatable seals.

Firetruck Cab Inflatable Seals
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Firetruck Cab Inflatable Seal 

Type 1 style inflatable seals can be configured in an axial U-shape or rectangular configurations and mounted across the head and down the jambs of the service compartment opening of fire apparatus tilt cabs to form a weathertight seal between the service compartment and the cab during normal operation. When maintenance is required, the seals are deflated to allow the cab to tilt forward.

Truck Tailgate Inflatable Seals
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Truck Tailgate Inflatable Seal

Inflatable seals can be effectively used on the cab doors, tailgate, and cargo box side gates on military trucks and other vehicles to keep them watertight