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Pneuma-Seal: Custom Inflatable Seals

Pneuma-SealWith over 80 standard profiles to choose from, the Pneuma-Seal line offers the most complete range of custom inflatable seals and clamps on the market today. From standard and high-pressure extruded construction designs to fully molded, fabric-reinforced seals, Pneuma-Seal is the right choice for your custom inflatable sealing or clamping application.

Pneuma-Seal Configurations

Pneuma-Seal inflatable profiles can be configured to practically any shape or size, from small, 2" diameter pipe testing seals to large, ~ 50 LF diameter wind tunnel seals. They are also available in a number of materialswith FDA-compliant EPDM and silicone being the most popular. Common applications for our custom inflatable seals include:

  • FIBC bulk bag loading/unloading inflatable seals
  • Drum -filling inflatable seals
  • Airframe component bonding bladders
  • Large diameter pool gate seals for nuclear power reactors
Pneuma-Seal Brochure
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To learn more about Pneuma-Seal custom inflatable seals and clamps, we offer an extensive array of technical resources and illustrate some of the more common industries and applications where Pneuma-Seal products have been installed. Have a question about Pneuma-Seal or our other products? Contact us today to speak with one of our Sales Engineers.