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Pneuma-Seal Standard Profiles

Pneuma-Seal Standard ProfilesWe offer over 80 different profile designs in 7 different types (or styles) under the Pneuma-Seal brand - by far the widest range on the market today. Please review each of the styles below to learn more about their features and benefits.

TypPneuma-Seal Type 1 Standard Profilese 1
Type 1 footed seals and clamps are the most popular and offer a wide breath of profile and material options. Type 1 profiles can be fastened in place using the foot, while it's wall provides a good combination of durability, pressure capacity, and range of travel. Several retainer options are available for the Type 1 profiles.

Pneuma-Seal Type 2 Standard ProfilesType 2
Type 2 racetrack seals and clamps deliver the same performace as the Type 1 footed designs and are often held in place by friction in radial expansion inward/outward configurations. They are typically used in tight spaces where a footed Type 1 won't work. They may be used in axial expanding applications, although this is not recommended.

Pneuma-Seal Type 3 Standard ProfilesType 3
Type 3 snap-in style profiles deliver relatively large travel for its width, so it can close big gaps. Most Type 3 profiles are a molded, reinforced contruction, because the walls are thin and need the reinforcement. Type 3 profiles can be retained within a dovetail groove. Several retainer options are available for the Type 3 profiles.

Pneuma-Seal Type 4 Standard ProfilesType 4
Type 4 profiles are designed to sit in a channel and inflate outward to cover a large gap. While the design works well in large diameter axial and expanding outward configurations, they are not recommended for expansion inward configurations or where the radius/diameter is especially tight.

Pneuma-Seal Type 7 Standard Inflatable ProfilesType 7
Type 7 channel profiles handle heavy duty applications and mounts into a groove or metal channel to support its sides. The profiles are commonly used as inflatable clamps, due to their large surface contact area. They are not often used as inflatable seals.

Pneuma-Seal Type 10 Standard Inflatable ProfilesType 10
Type 10 heavy duty channel profiles handle high pressures but don't cover a large gap. When inflated, the sidewalls elongate to close the sealing gap, so installation into a properly sized channel is imperative for proper function. Type 10 profiles come in a number of different sizes and material to accommodate many different applications.

Pneuma-Seal Type 22 Standard Inflatable ProfilesType 22
Type 22 molded bladders are used for small diameter sealing and clamping applications. There are many sizes to choose from and are configured for expansion inward ot expansion outward.

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