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Septa Technical InformationProduct Families

NT Low Bleed Silicone SeptaNT Series
Learn more about our low bleed silicone septa alternative. Great value; high quality.

NR Series Natural Rubber SeptaNR Series
High quality natural rubber septa. Specially formulated for GC.

BR Series Butyl SeptaBR Series
Unique butyl septa family. Most commonly using in large diameter, EPA septa applications.

Application Notes

Autosampler Bleed Comparison Study Using GC Analysis
See how our low bleed NT series septa stacks up against other available autosampler septa on the market.

Comparison of Various Headspace Septa Using GC Analysis
Headspace analysis is particularly affected by septum bleed. This study evaluates three readily available headspace using GC analysis.

Bleed Comparison Between Natural and Red PTFE Samples Using GC
This study addresses whether PTFE pigmentation has an overall affect on septum bleed.

Elastomer and Film Datasheets

70410 - 40 durometer, natural, low bleed silicone
70411 - 40 durometer, white, silicone
5652 - 60 durometer, burnt orange, natural rubber
BR502 - 50 durometer, red chlorobutyl
Clear Polypropylene

Technical Drawings

8-425 Caps and Vials
9mm Caps and VIals
10-425 Caps and Vials
13-425 Caps and Vials
11mm Aluminum Crimp Caps and Vials
11mm Snap Caps and Vials

Custom Capabilities

View our custom cababilities as it relates to our septa products.