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NR Series (Natural Rubber Septa)

NR_280_0.jpgThe NR Series of Natural Rubber liners and septa are designed for high performance and economy. Manufactured from a high quality custom developed compound (5652), these Natural Rubber products exhibit good re-sealability, very good chemical resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 100o C. Natural Rubber septa work particularly well with organic solvents and are most commonly supplied in conjunction with a 11mm aluminum crimp cap, although other cap configurations are also available.

Key Features Product Benefits  
• High Quality Custom Formulated Compound • Excellent Re-sealability  
• Intended for Multiple Injections • Cost Effective
• Good Compression Set    
Typical Applications  
• 9mm Screw Cap Vial Septa  
• 11mm Crimp Seal Vial Septa  
• 11mm Snap Cap Vial Septa  
Technical Information  
Natural Rubber Septa Physical Properties  
Thickness: 0.010" to 0.040" (1mm)  
Durometer: (Shore A): 65  
Color: Burnt Orange  
Tensile Strength (ppi): 2500  
Elongation (%): 600  
Tear Strength (Die C): 200  
Note: these results are typical for our NR series compounds and may vary slightly depending on exact formulation used.  
Film Types  Closures  
PTFE: Thickness Range 0.002" to 0.010" Polypropylene: 8mm to 13mm  
Colors: Natural, White, Red Colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Custom Colors Available  
FEP: Thickness Range 0.002" to 0.010"  Polyethylene: 11mm Snap Cap  
Color: Clear Colors: Natural, Red, Blue, Custom Colors Available  
ETFE: Thickness Range 0.002" to 0.010" Aluminum: 11mm Crimp Cap  
Color: Clear Colors: Silver, Red, Blue, Custom Colors Available  
Additional Options  
Custom Packaging  
Pre-Slitting Available